About us

Founded in 2013, My PH Haven is a trustworthy platform allowing you to find, discover and book high range housing in the Philippines.

My PH Haven, Luxury Residences in the Philippines, is your portal to the most beautiful home rentals in the “land of 7000 islands”. Whether you’ll be staying for several days or several months, and whether you’re seeking a stately villa or a cozy apartment, My PH Haven will help you find your dream accommodation.


Do you want to travel in the Philippines? We propose high range home rentals we have certified ourselves.  Our leitmotiv: every ad reflects the exact reality of our home rentals. No nasty surprises when you arrive, our team members visit each properties, take pictures and write the ad themselves.


Are you owner in the Philippines? Please contact us. It will be a pleasure to visit your properties, we will check together if it matches our listing criteria.


My Haven Group is registered in the Registrar of Companies Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under number 1979047