Following a five-year professional experience in the real estate industry in Paris, France and after having travelled around the world, we decided to create our own upscale furnished rental company in the Philippines, to bring together local property owners and foreign customers (tourists and expatriates).


Listed properties


We carefully select apartments / residences which match specific criteria based on our experience and our vision of high quality:

  • Cleanliness
  • Equipment and services (electrical appliances, internet, housekeeping, laundry, parking, etc.)
  • Location / nearby shops and services
  • Accessibility
  • Decoration
  • Originality
  • Balcony / terrace / garden
  • Size


Our added value


We want to leverage our five-year professional experience with Paris Attitude, one of Paris’ leading upscale furnished rental agencies, to optimize the profitability of your property.

Your property will be listed on an international multilingual (English, French, Korean) website. We advertise it and our unique role is to offer you customers in order to optimize the rental of your property. We aim to offer our tenants a service which is similar to that of a hotel, at a lower price but with the same advantages: location, comfort, equipment, greater living space, cooking facilities, more freedom in terms of access, contact with the local population...

Owners and brokers, our goal is to increase your visibility and optimize the profitability of your property, whether you wish to rent it out for a few weeks or for a whole year.

You can rent your apartment out for a long-term (from 2 months) or a short-term period (from one night up to 2 months).

  • We edit contracts and put you in touch with prospective tenants.
  • Our service is completely free. We will not ask for any commissions and your property will be rented at the price upon which we agreed together.
  • We have an advisory role to help you maximize the rental of your property: price, equipment, decoration, etc.
  • We also offer an all-inclusive service (which we will charge you for): we can fully organize and manage the rental of your property (customer reception, housekeeping, payment, etc.) so that you are left with only one thing to do: collect the rent.


Our customers


We will only suggest carefully selected tenants and we will make sure that you receive rent on time.

For long-term rentals we select tenants according to their financial profile and require supporting documentation when necessary. We are developing partnerships with various foreign companies located in the Philippines.

For short term rentals, we will do our best to suggest your apartment to our customers - tourists or temporary expatriates - and increase your visibility on the web. We are also developing partnerships with travel and estate agencies and specialized websites.


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